Phonics – Make Words with Phonics
Phonics – Year 1 and Year 2
Rhyming Words – Find Words that Rhyme
Nina the Naming Newt
Leo the Letter-loving Lobster
Reggie the Rhyming Rhino
Paw Park – Sassy Seals – Beginning Sounds
Paw Park – Kangaroo Confusion – Upper/Lower Case Letters
Digby Mole’s Word Activities – Matching, Rhymes, First Letters
Alien Scavenger Hunt – Catch the Letter Bugs to Create Words
Paw Park – Alphabet Bears – Alphabetical Order
Bob the Builder – Letter Activities
ABCD Watermelon – Type the Missing Letter From the Alphabet
Fuzzy Lion Ears – Type the Missing Letter From a Word
Fuzzy Lion Ears – Word Blending
Animal Picture Book From the Alphabet


Tina’s World – Follow 3 Step Instructions
The Learning Planet
This is Daniel Cook
TumbleTown Tales from TVOKids
Free Games and Coloring from
Play I Spy

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and Classic Stories
Nursery Rhymes Activities and Crafts
Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics and Music
Nursery Rhymes for Special Occasions
Nursery Rhymes with Coloring Pages
Nursery Rhymes from A to Z
Mothergoose Rhymes with Games


Literacy Center
Early Readers and Dolch Stories
Storybooks for Preschool
Picture Books from Preschool to Elementary
Preschool Library
Storybooks from Preschool to Elementary
Between the Lions, Folktales and Fables
Cbeebies Story Time
PEEP and the Big Wide World
Three Story-Bear Stories Read Aloud
Clifford Interactive Storybooks
See, Read, or Hear a Story from
Online Leveled Books


Aesop’s Fables

Aesop’s Fables Some With Audios
Aesop’s Fables Online Collection of Selected Fables
Aesop’s Fables Videos
Aesop’s Fables from A to Z
Aesop’s Fables Activities
Aesop’s Fables Illustrated


Grimms’ Fairytales
Fairytales with Audios

Tall Tales

Tall Tales with Activities and Links
American Tall Tales
Animated Tall Tales
American Folklore

Holiday Stories

Holiday Stories
Halloween Stories
Christmas Stories
Easter Stories

Popular Children Stories

Kids’ Stuff
Story It
Story Hour
Online Storytime Read Aloud
Children’s Storybooks Online
Folktales and Fairytales to Read Aloud
Beatrix Potter and Other Stories Read Aloud
Children’s Books Read Aloud by Actors
Cinderella Read Aloud and Analyzed
Storybooks by Beatrix Potter
Baldwin Library of Children’s Literature Digital Collection
Picture Books from
Illustrated Children’s Classics
Elementary Library
Books from Sebastian Swan
Stories with Audios
Audio Stories
Online Stories
Literacy Grade 1-3
Literacy Grade 4-7
RIF Reading Planet Read Aloud Stories

High School

Myths, Folktales and Fairytales
Project Gutenberg (19,000 free ebooks)
Poetry Archives (classical poems)
Philosophy Pages
Persuasive Writing
Literature, Short Story
Literary Devices
Shakespeare Study Guide
A Study Guide of Great Works of Literature

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Identify the Difference of One Sound Between Two Words
Learn Vocabulary
ESL Resources
Resources for English Learners
For ESL Learners, VOA Connection
TOEIC Sample Test
TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests
IELTS Sample Tests
TOEFL Sample Test


Writing Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays by Writing Den
Grammar by University of Ottawa Writing Center
Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Kindergarten Level Math

Bees and Honey
Fishing for Numbers
Number Matching
Test the Toad
Count on a cloud
Learning Estimation
Estimation of Length
Estimation – How Tall
Interactive Clock
Tell Time by the Hour (Quiz)
Identifying Time by the Hour (Analog & Digital)
Matching Time by the Hour
Matching Time by the Hour and 30 Minutes
Analog Clock (1, 5, 15 minutes, and 1 Hour)
Connect the Dots (1-10)
Connect the Dots (1-15)
Connect the Dots (1-20)
Count the Wheels
Count the Ants (1-10)
Count the Fish
Farm Addition
Match Word with Numeral (1-25)
Connect the Dots by Twos
Count by Twos, Fives, and Tens
Count by Twos and Threes
Count by Twos, Threes, Fours, and Fives – Ant Parade
Count Backward from Ten – Ten in the Bed
Big Picture
Another Website for Shapes
Story of Shapes
Virtual Goose
Interactive Thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius
Interactive Games for Kindergarten
Kindergarten Mathematics – Kidport
Kindergarten Math – IXL
Sum Sense Addition
Sum Sense Subtraction
Addition – Bugabaloo Shoes
Number Concepts
Word and Number
Ordinal Number – Where is Squigly
Ordinal Number – Get in Line
Ordinal Number – Cats in Line

Elementary Level Math

Learning Numbers Game (1-100)
Another Learning Numbers Game (1-100)
Addition Game (One Digit)
Subtraction Game (One Digit)
Even Numbers Game
Odd Numbers Game
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 1
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 2
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 3
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 4
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 5
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 6
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 7
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 8
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 9
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 10
Learning Numbers Sequence Level 11
Number Sequences Game
Addition Game
Numbers in Numerical Digit and in Word
Guess a Number
Addition Game Level 1 (Two Digits)
Addition Game Level 2 (Two Digits)
Addition Game Level 3 (Two Digits)
Subtraction Game
Subtraction Game Level 1 (Two Digits)
Subtraction Game Level 2 (Two Digits)
Subtraction Game Level 3 (Two Digits)
Base 10 Blocks
Base 10 Blocks Addition
Base 10 Blocks Subtraction
Telling Time Level 1
Telling Time Level 2
Telling Time Level 3
Telling Time Level 4
Telling Time Level 5
Telling Time Matching
Another Telling Time Game
Class Clock
Number Line Arithmetic
Color, Shape, and Size
Measurement in Centimeters and Inches
Interactive Math Dictionary
Create Geometric Shapes
Make a Pattern with 100s Chart
Mean, Median, Range
Fresh Baked Fractions
Measurement in Length, Mass, and Capacity
Perimeter Calculation
Area Calculation
Area and Perimeter
Perimeter of a Square
Perimeter of a Rectangle
Area of a Rectangle
Area of a Parallelogram
Area of Triangle
Perimeter and Area of Polygons
Counting US Coins
Counting Coins with Decimal Numbers
Counting Change in Money of Different Countries
Operation Order
Rounding to 10s
Rounding Off
Multiplication Facts
Multiplication Table
Place Value
Place Value – Lessons
Rounding Flash Cards
Matching Word and Number to Three Digits
Match Vocabulary With Picture
Coordinate Geometry
Parallel and Intersecting Lines
Solids and Their Properties
Fraction Game
Fraction Model
Sum Sense Multiplication
Sum Sense Division
Math Magician
Isometric Drawing Tool
Flashcards Geometric Shapes
Hangman Rounding
One False Move
Math Games
Math Car Racing
Rounding Decimals/Whole Numbers
Decimal Addition
Decimal Subtraction
Adding Money
Base 10 Blocks Decimal Addition
Length and Conversion
X and Y coordinate
Fraction Models
Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide in Fractions and Whole Numbers
Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
Fraction Game – Math Splat
Fraction Game – Fish Tank
Fraction Decimal Conversion
Percents – Penguin Waiter
Multiplying Decimals
Dividing Decimals
Rotation and Reflection – Bathroom Tiles
Number Line – Line Jumper
Line Symmetry
Building a Box
Animal Weigh In